I’m Back!

So, after over a year off from this site, I have decided to start this blog up again. While I have not been posting here, I have been busy working on all sorts of projects. I plan on doing some quick posts in the next while to show off what I have been up to.

What’s New?

Probably the biggest item I have worked on in the past year is my newly setup Home Lab. I have converted some old desktop PC parts into a Home Lab serve for me to move all of my smart home services on to. This has been a huge upgrade from the Raspberry Pi I was previously using. As well, I have also setup a 24 TB NAS on my network to store everything I could ever want, including all of my media for a Plex Server.

One of the biggest reason I like to do all this work myself is to reduce my reliance on the cloud and reduce the number of companies that have my data. For that reason I have also moved this Blogging Website onto that same Home Lab server. This means that I don’t have to pay a company to store data that I own, as well as bring full control of the site under my own control.

I do not plan on doing full tutorials on how I set up everything up to this point, but for the most part, I followed the tutorials at SmartHomeBeginners to setting up a Reverse Proxy server that contains all of my services.

I highly recommend if you want to replicate any of the services I have, that you check out their great blog!

Plex? NAS? Media Server?

Like most people, I have a large collection of Blu-ray, DVDs and digital media. As part of my Home Lab setup, I create a Network-Attached Storage server. This NAS has four 8TB NAS-grade hardrives inside that allows me to serve them on my network. What this means is I can now take all of my media and store on the NAS so any device on my network can access them. As well, I can also use the NAS to backup my laptop in case I need t restore my files.

Plex is a free (More about this on the dedicated post) application that can be installed on almost every OS or device that allows you to organize and serve that media in a Netflix like App. Once you have the Plex media server setup and linked to your account, you can access the Plex app on a smart TV or phone and stream the media to it. Even cooler is plex allows you to share your server with friends and family so they can watch your content as well!

What’s Next for Aaron’s Lab?

Well, now that I have migrated this site to my own server and given it a fresh coat of paint, I plan on starting small with some showcase posts about where where my smart home is at as well as talking about the above new additions. As well, expect to see further changes to how this site looks and feels as I spend some more time sprucing it up.

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